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Guaranteed Ways to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain



Don’t read this if you’re not ready to make some hard choices. You’re just weeks away from the most calorie-laden weeks of the year. You’ve probably heard most people gain between five and seven pounds during the holidays. If you don’t want to be one of the statistics, it’s going to take everything you’ve got.


It starts right this minute. Don’t wait until the dessert table is staring you in the face to decide how you’ll eat this holiday season. In a month, you’ll either have tighter pants and feel ashamed at your lack of self-control or you’ll be healthy and proud.

If you don’t want to gain weight, determine right now to eat healthy throughout the holidays. In a minute we’ll tell you how to still enjoy some of your favorite treats, but a healthy lifestyle starts with your mind.

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Eat Before

Part of the reason everyone eats so heavily Thanksgiving is by the time it’s ready, they’re starving. You’ve been thinking about your favorites for days. You eat a light breakfast because you know how many calories you’re going to have later.

The meal is scheduled to be served at two so you skip lunch, and it’s actually closer to three by the time everything is done. You’ve been smelling turkey and stuffing for hours, so when you finally get your plate, you inhale.

You eat so fast your stomach doesn’t have time to tell your brain it’s full, and it tastes so good you go back for seconds of nearly everything.

Give yourself the self-discipline to slow down and enjoy all your favorite foods. Decide now you will eat healthy snacks at regular intervals, then do the following at holiday celebrations:

  • Chew slowly, taking time to notice and enjoy all the flavors of your holiday favorites.
  • Have some of everything you like, but put smaller portions on your plate. If you’re unable to resist going back for seconds, choose small portions again.
  • Eat green things and protein. When you’re starving, pile your plate high with turkey breast and fresh vegetables, then add your other favorites to the edges.
  • Get rid of leftovers. If the meal is at your house, send portions home with your guests in throwaway containers so you’re not tempted to graze on it the rest of the week.
  • Watch the booze. Not only does it contain extra calories, when you drink you’re more likely to eat more candy coated pretzels and cheese ball. If the party is at your house, serve drinks in tall, thin glasses for an elegant way to stay slim.

In between celebrations, be extra rigorous in what you choose to eat. Make simple, all-natural meals at home to keep your body running on good fuel. Doesn’t this look tasty?

Bring Your Own

Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner aren’t what causes most people to gain weight during the holidays. It’s the endless parties that cause a month and a half of mindless munching. Offer to bring a healthy dish and skinny cocktails so you know there will be something you can enjoy.

Cook Proactively

If you’re the cook, you have the hardest challenge. Not only do you have to eat responsibly when it’s time for the meal, you have to resist high-calorie temptations ahead of time.

If staying healthy is your goal, make modifications in the kitchen. Swap out the sugar in one dessert with a calorie-free substitute. Make fresh green beans instead of green bean casserole for a colorful side you can pile next to your turkey.

When you bake, if you aren’t proactive you’ll eat cookie dough, then sample some of each batch as it comes out of the oven. This is a horrible, difficult challenge to face and it will take every ounce of willpower you have.

Dig deep inside right now, because when there are fresh baked cookies you will not make good choices. Decide to eat a healthy snack before you start to bake, then set something to munch nearby. Choose raw vegetables, a handful of nuts or a boiled egg and cheese.


When you know you’re going to eat and drink more than you normally do, it’s even more important to exercise regularly. If you’re going to a party later, add an extra round to each part of your workout and put more intensity into your cardio.

Find ways to add physical activity throughout your day like parking farther from the store (like you have a choice anyway) and spending five minutes using your toddler as a kettlebell. If you’re looking for a gym to call home, Fitness in Training has the best specials in East Texas this holiday season. Contact us today to find out more.