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Foam Rolling Basics to Try Today

foam rolling


Maybe you’ve seen other people doing it and just never had the chance to give it a try. Or maybe you’re noticing new areas that are sore and stiff, and you don’t have time for a massage. Foam rolling eases muscle soreness, improves your range of motion and helps prevent injury.

We have several for you to try in the back corner opposite the bathrooms. Spend about 60 seconds on each area you work, using the amount of pressure that feels good to you. When you find tense or tender spots, work on them a little longer, but don’t put so much pressure you’re in actual pain. Here are a few basic rolling instructions to get you started.

Hip Flexor Rolling

Support your body weight on your elbows, forearms and toes, almost like you’re in plank position. Slip the roller under your hips and use your toes and elbows to rock back and forth, rolling from your hip joint to mid-thigh.

Hamstring and Glute Rolling

Basically, sit on the foam roller. Lean back and support your weight on your palms. Then use your body weight to roll from your rear end to your knees. Shift your hips to work toward your outer thighs.

From the same position, cross one ankle over a knee and shift all your weight to one glute. Roll it out, then change sides.

Iliotibial (IT) Bands

This tough group of fibers goes along the outside of your thigh. Stretch out on your side, supporting your upper body on one elbow. Slip the foam roller under your hip and roll along your outer thigh to just above the knee. Do both sides.

Upper Back Rolling

You’ve probably seen other people doing this one. Place the foam roller about where a woman’s bra strap would be. With your weight in your heels and knees slightly bent, roll it back and forth on your upper and middle back.

Chest Rolling

This is amazing therapy after a tough chest workout because this area is so hard to get to any other way. Stretch out on your side and place the foam roller in your armpit. Then shift your body weight to put pressure on your pectoral muscles on that side. Switch sides and repeat.

What about you? What foam roller exercises do you find most helpful? Let us know in the comments.