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October 3, 2018
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4 Ab Machines And Where to Find Them at the New FIT

ab equipment tyler tx


When we moved to our new facility at 2259 Broussard Drive in Tyler, we tried to arrange equipment about the way it was at our old location. Still, it’s disorienting to be in new surroundings and some things did have to change. If today you want to work your core, here are several equipment options and where to find them.


Sit Up Bench

sit up bench

As soon as you walk in the door, look past the entry desk next to the shelves. You’ll see this row of abdominal equipment. The sit-up bench is one of the most popular and commonly used pieces. Start here to isolate abdominal muscles and strengthen your lower back and obliques. Just hook your feet under the round pads, lay back and perform three rounds of 10-20 reps.



V Crunch Tyler Tx

This is a tough exercise that’s definitely not for wimps. It targets your rectus abdominis, that front muscle group that makes a six-pack. V-ups are a related exercise that puts pressure on the spine. If you have lower back problems, this one might be more comfortable for you.

To use it, adjust the foot bar to set your difficulty level. Lower is harder. Grab the handles and use your abdomen to raise your legs. Keep your upper body straight and your tailbone against the pad.


Abdominal Crunch

abdominal crunch

This machine is in the same group, which isn’t where it was at the old location. It works the same muscle groups as regular crunches, but you can add resistance for a more intense round. If you’ve been doing crunches for years and you’re not seeing any results, try a few rounds on this machine. To use, adjust the seat height. Start by grasping the handles behind your head and hooking your ankles under the foot pads. Then, use your abs to pull your knees and elbows together. Both your arms and legs should move.


Rotary Torso Machine

rotary torso

This machine isn’t in that group, so you may have been wondering where it went. Stand in the middle aisle on the side near the front desk and look to your left. This one works internal and external obliques, so you don’t want to miss it. Sit on the seat and place your shoulders against the two pads. Keep your elbows near your body as you grasp the handles. Use your core to rotate slowly. Do three rounds of 10-15 reps each side.


How to See Ab Definition

If you know you’re putting in some intense ab workouts and you can’t see a change in core definition, your muscles may not be the problem. You’ll only see the abs you want if they’re not covered in fat. The best workout program happens in conjunction with healthy eating to pare away excess weight. If you want to know more about how to make that happen, get in touch.