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June 19, 2018
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September 10, 2018

5 Secrets to Staying Motivated — Even When It’s 100 Degrees

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The heat in East Texas is a special kind of hot. The air is steamy and thick, and the sun feels like it’s melting your skin off the minute you step outside. You still need exercise. Here’s help with staying motivated.

Make a Public Commitment

Do you promise yourself you’ll get to the gym more often, but something always comes up? For most East Texans, life will always be busy. You’re more likely to follow through on your exercise promise if you make it in front of people.

Right now, comment the number of days and minutes a week you pledge to work out. Send us a message, we’ll help keep you accountable.

Use Neuroscience — Reward Yourself

Yeah, exercise makes you feel and look better, but sometimes the possibility intangible rewards doesn’t create actual motivation. Use an actual reward to program your brain.

Pleasure and reward are generated by brain circuits. Scientific research shows when your brain regularly experiences pleasure in conjunction with an activity, it begins to crave more of that activity. You create a habit.

Don’t just reward yourself when you lose 20 pounds. That takes too long. Treat yourself every time you finish a workout. Give yourself permission to take a nap when you get home. Buy a new song for your next workout. Stop by Smoothie King and get a Strawberry Pure Recharge or Vanilla Slim Trim smoothie.

Join a Group

In one fitness study, researchers offered to literally pay gym members to go to the gym. Attendance only went up slightly. What does work is when people receive social intervention. If they work with a trainer or have friends in a class, they’re more likely to go.

You’ll do more repetitions, lift more weight and show up more often if you exercise with other people. Check out our classes or get in touch with one of our trainers.

Get out of an exercise rut by trying something new. Encourage others and give yourself a positivity boost when you cheer for their hard work.

Pre-Plan Success

You’re less likely to wuss out the day of if you gather your gear the night before. Pack your gym clothes and put them in the car, then you can’t forget them when you leave for work. As you fall asleep, picture how relaxed you’re going to feel when you finish your workout.

If you’re a runner, map out a new route in the evening. Go to bed in your running clothes, then hit the road when you wake up.

Make it About How You Feel

Don’t focus on pounds or inches. Commit to a lifestyle that makes you feel healthy. When you go to the gym, practice mindfulness. Notice how strong your muscles are even as they burn. When you rest, feel the air filling your healthy lungs and the oxygen pumping through your veins. When you ride home, use your commute to take note of your improved health. Re-fuel with food and drink choices that enhance that feeling.

If you need more tips and suggestions, we’re here to help. Get in touch to find out more.


Content by Missy for Fitness In Training