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It’s Monday — 4 Tips for Workout Motivation

Even people who love intense exercise have days when they don’t feel like going to the gym. Sometimes on Monday the week ahead stretches like a mountain. Everything you have to do looks daunting, and exercise is just one more thing. Do it anyway. Here’s how.

Name Barriers

What keeps you from going to the gym? What excuses do you give yourself? If you’re starving when you leave work and you don’t have the fuel to burn, throw a granola bar or package of mixed nuts in your gym bag or purse. Eat it 30 minutes before you get off.

If you have a hard time getting out of bed to go for an early run, go to bed earlier. Identify what keeps you from working out and systematically remove them from your life.

Buddy Up

Peer pressure can be a good friend. Every time I’ve had a workout buddy in the past, when I felt like skipping I didn’t want to say it out loud. I felt like my exercise partner was more dedicated than I was and I didn’t want them to think I was a wus.

Accountability provides motivation. Call or text a friend right now and make an appointment to exercise together this week. Then turn that into a regular thing.

Switch it Up

If you do the same thing every time you go to the gym, you’ll get bored. You also won’t work as hard. If you know 15 reps with a 50-pound weight is at the edge of your comfort zone, that’s what you’ll default to. Performing the same activity over and over will give you the same results.

Look up a new routine on YouTube. Take a class you’ve never tried. Sign up to work with a trainer who will push you to your limits.

Go Straight to the Gym

Don’t go home after work. Don’t wake up and sit in your soft chair on Saturday morning. Don’t run errands. When you tell yourself you’ll do it in a little while, and you’re delaying on purpose in hopes you’ll find a good excuse to skip.

Fitness in Training has facilities and trainers that will help you beat the Monday slump and find the motivation to be your very best. Come by or get in touch to find out more.