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Your New Location Questions Answered

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F.I.T. is Closing its Times Square Location

It’s finally happening. The past several months you’ve seen social media posts and posted announcements about the change. Now our new location is complete and we’re about to move. Here are answers to some of the questions members are asking.

When will the old F.I.T. location close?

This Wednesday June June 20 at 1pm the doors of our current location in the Times Square shopping center in Tyler will close its doors forever. We’ll open at the regular time Wednesday morning, so if you want to get one more workout in and say goodbye to the old facility, come on in.

When will the new F.I.T. gym open?

The new gym will be open to the public on Monday June 25.

Where is the new F.I.T. gym location?

The new address is 2259 Broussard Drive Tyler, Texas 75703. If you turn take Loop 323 to Old Jacksonville/2493 and turn outside the loop, Capital Drive will be your first right. After you turn on Capital, pass iJump on your right, and the road will dead end into Broussard. Turn right on Broussard and the new F.I.T. location will be on your immediate left.


new FIT location

What’s different about the new F.I.T. location?

The new gym will have a similar layout to our current location, with a walkway dividing dumbbells from freeweights and smith machines. The cardio room has moved to the back side of the offices. The square footage is very similar to what members enjoy at our Times Square location, but the new facility has 25 foot ceilings, so it feels much, much more spacious.

Members access state-of-the art facilities with an outdoor turf covered area, new floor mats and a seating area for people catching up with a friend after your workout or for those who just want to watch all the great things going on.

Will class schedules change?

We might eventually change the class schedules, but immediately after the move they will be exactly the same. Later we’ll be adding additional classes, but we’ll let members know well in advance.

What about childcare?

Parents, come check out our new childcare facility and work out with the same peace of mind you’ve always had knowing your children are safe and having fun. The same staff offers the same childcare arrangements as before, the only change is the location upgrade.

How will you move all that equipment?

We’ve hired a professional moving company to do the bulky part of the move, and gathered box trailers for the weights. Part of the reason the move takes days is that many of the pieces of machinery have to be taken apart and reassembled. It’s not just about how heavy they are, they won’t fit through the door in one piece. The company renovating our old location is going to actually remove the front windows and doors so we can carry everything out.

One of the hardest pieces of equipment to move will be the big rack machine with all the cable weights and the pull up bar. It’s massive, and it will have to be broken down into multiple components. We’ll definitely be getting our exercise even when the gym is closed.


new FIT location bathrooms

What about bathrooms and lockers?

Our new bathroom facilities are spacious and inviting. There’s lots of strong lighting and mirrors for our members that work hard, then head to their next engagement. The bathrooms and locker rooms provide all the amenities you’re used to, but everything is hands free from the shower dispensers to the hand dryers.

What won’t change?

Members sign up year after year because we have well maintained equipment and the cleanest gym in East Texas. That isn’t going to change. We also have some of the friendliest members, and they’re going with us. We’ll still provide a great family environment, affordable membership and competitively priced childcare. We also still offer the same meal plan options.

Will prices go up?

Right now we’re offering some fantastic specials on membership. We don’t plan to change rates when we open our doors at the new location, but we can’t guarantee that price will last. If you haven’t already signed up, do so now to lock in our current low rates. If you have a friend who is on the fence, encourage them to get in touch now so they can enjoy old gym prices at the new gym location.

Where’s the best place to receive updates?

We post news frequently to our Facebook page, so if you haven’t followed us, you can do so here. We also respond quickly to messages, so if you have a question that isn’t answered in this article, feel free to send us a message on Facebook or through our contact page.


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