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March 5, 2018
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Rude Disgusting Things People Do at the Gym (And How Not to Be That Guy)

At Fitness in Training, we think we have the best gym in East Texas because we’re privileged to have such fantastic members. They work hard, and they maintain a community of encouragement and supportive camaraderie. However, at every gym from time to time there’s someone who doesn’t show courtesy to others. Here’s what polls say are some of the most annoying and inconsiderate behaviors.

Not Wiping Down Equipment

They’re always the sweatiest person there, with big dark circles under their arms that leave damp splotches on the seats. They rotate from one piece of equipment to the next, leaving behind a funk no one wants to touch. Avoid being that guy by spreading a towel under you or wiping surfaces with one of the antibacterial wipes located in dispensers throughout the gym.

Not Putting Weights Away

They use three sets of dumbbells and leave them on the floor by the bench. They’re the ones you need, but you’re not sure if they’re going to come back to them. Or they rack weight plates on the machinery and leave it there. The next person to come along has to put them away before they can exercise.

Texting on Equipment

Have you ever seen that guy who spends more time on his cell phone than he does working out? He does a set, then sits on the equipment for five minutes scrolling, messaging and chuckling at whatever has his attention. He looks like he’s too busy responding to his followers to work out, and you wish he’d just take his popularity somewhere else.

Inappropriate Attire

If you wear something inappropriate, people are going to roll their eyes and shake their heads. You’re going to work out in the same space as people from a wide range of ages, fitness levels and backgrounds.

Gym clothes are different from what you wear on the street, and it’s important to have clothes that don’t restrict movement. However, when making choices, be considerate. Attire that is too revealing makes people feel uncomfortable.

And have you ever noticed that guy that wears flip flops and sunglasses? It’s a gym, not the beach.

Gross Bathroom Behavior

F.I.T. is one of the most popular gyms in town, and we have people from all walks of life. Our corporate memberships make it easy for busy professionals to come in on their lunch break or on the way home from work. We prioritize clean because we want our bathrooms to be a comfortable, sanitary place to change.

If you’re just getting out of the shower or sitting down covered in sweat, you can show consideration by placing a towel on the bench first. We clean a lot, but there’s always that one guy that sits down in the buff. It’s a good idea to wear flip flops instead of walking around barefoot, including in the shower. That same guy might have athlete’s foot.

At Fitness in Training, we want all our members to have a good experience at the gym. That’s why you see our employees constantly sterilizing flooring, equipment and bathrooms. Stop by today to talk with one of our fitness experts.