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February 22, 2018
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How to Avoid Getting Sick at the Gym

sick at gym


It’s cold and flu season, and you don’t have time for that. You go to the gym to improve your health, not to get sick. No matter how clean your gym is, watch people work out for just a few minutes and you’ll realize the potential for germ transfer. People touch their faces to wipe sweat, then they touch the equipment. They wear the same gloves every time they come in. Sweat, saliva and mucus all transmit bacteria and viruses.

Identify Germ Hot Spots

Here are the high-risk areas:

  • Free weights and machines — Since so many people touch them, they are often teeming with viruses and bacteria.
  • Exercise mats – The person who stretched out on that surface before you could have coughed viruses or shared skin infections.
  • Your water bottle – If you reuse the same one, it could contain thousands of bacteria.
  • Cardio machines – People have to touch handles and buttons to use the machines.

Protect Yourself

When you realize the potential for infection, you might wonder if you should just stay home. While there are germs at every gym, physical inactivity can lead to much more serious health conditions like heart disease and some cancers. Here’s how to go to the gym and not get sick.

  • Wipe down free weights and machines before you use them. Look for the antibacterial wipe dispensers at F.I.T.
  • If you use equipment that’s hard to wipe down like exercise balls, sanitize your hands with antibacterial gel. Bring your own or use ours located at the front desk or in the bathrooms.
  • If you shower after you work out, wear flip-flops to avoid walking out with the last guy’s athlete’s foot.
  • Bring your own yoga mat or use disinfectant spray on the one you choose at the gym.
  • Don’t be a part of the problem. Stay home when you’re not feeling well. Cover cuts, scrapes and any skin issues. Avoid touching your face while you work out.

Choose the Right Gym

Let’s just be honest. Tyler has some dirty gyms. Some places have damp bathrooms with upholstered furniture that has been collecting germs for at least ten years. If equipment has dust on it, it hasn’t been cleaned in weeks. A dirty floor and dingy walls are crawling with germs.

Fitness in Training prioritizes clean. When you work out, you’ll notice there’s always someone disinfecting equipment. We want our members to experience their best health all the time. If your membership is with one of the other places, come see what a difference it makes to work out at a gym where you don’t have to worry about germs. Contact us today to find out more.