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April 5, 2018
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April 21, 2018

What Will Happen Monday At Body Pump

What is Body Pump?

Body Pump is a barbell workout designed for people who are looking to get lean and toned fast. Each workout uses light to moderate weights and a series of repetitions to sculpt the body one section at a time. Body Pump is a strength training workout set to music led by an instructor with extensive training from a Les Mills licensed gym. Fitness in Training is proud to bring Body Pump to our East Texas gym.

Body Pump Benefits

According to the Les Mills website, BodyPump burns up to 540 calories in just one session. The workouts effectiveness is due to the science-backed “rep effect,” a resistance-training breakthrough.

Traditional strength training workouts use heavy weights in an attempt to bulk up. In contrast, BodyPump classes use lighter weight and a high number of repetitions to tone legs, shape shoulders and tighten your core.

BodyPump classes also lower stress and improve mood. Exercise releases endorphins for a feeling of relaxation and euphoria, and BodyPump classes are upbeat and encouraging.

What to Expect

Classes typically last an hour. Arrive a few minutes early to get a spot near the instructor. Weights are provided, just bring water and grab a towel on your way in.

On your first visit, the instructor will show you what weights you need and give you an idea of what’s ahead. At the beginning of each exercise, he or she will demonstrate the movement and explain what’s necessary to proper form. Even people who have never before lifted weights say they’re comfortable doing all the movements involved in a BodyPump workout.

Body Pump classes are all set to 10 different music tracks. For example the latest release features music from Pink, Fall Out Boy, Don Diablo and The All American Rejects. The first song involves the warm-up and every one after works a separate muscle group. You’ll work legs, chest, your back, triceps, biceps, legs again through lunges, your shoulders, then your core. The last song is the cool-down.

There’s usually no impact, so Body Pump is great for people who want to take it easy on their joints. You don’t have to be a weight lifter to start. Many people start with very light weights or just a bar and add weight as they become comfortable.

Ready to Try?

Experience Les Mills Body Pump this Monday, April 16 at 9:00 am for the very first time at Fitness in Training. Valerie, Natalie and Jennifer will be teaching classes every day except Sunday, so if you can’t make it Monday, there are classes to fit almost any schedule. If you have a friend who isn’t a member, why not try something new together? Bring them along, they can try for free. Contact us to find out more.