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April 28, 2019
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Healthy Meal Photos From the Correa Table

Summer has been cooking up a collection of nutrition and meal prep tips we’re going to be sharing in the weeks ahead. To whet your appetite, how about a couple of quick healthy meal photos?

4 Major Benefits of Eating In

It’s tempting, and oh so much easier to hit the drive through. However, resist the urge to start experiencing these benefits.

Control Over Temptation

When you’re staring at the menu, stomach growling, it’s too easy to give in. The food is right there in front of you, and you want it all. Cooking at home takes some preparation, but it means you can’t order everything supersized, fried and covered in cheese. Plus, leftovers are healthy too.

Hunger Management

When you make healthy meals at home, start prepping as soon as you get hungry. If you snack on healthy ingredients as you work, you don’t undo the exercise and good nutrition you’ve worked toward all day long.

Money Savings

Sure, eating healthy can cost more than the drive through diet, but cooking at home saves a bundle over buying the same foods at a restaurant. Start with a rotation of your favorites and you’ll save time planning too.


When you fix it yourself, you tailor each dish to your (and your family’s) palate. Skip ingredients that trigger food allergies. Use your favorite herbs and spices generously for amped up flavor. Trim unwanted fat and calories by substituting flavorful fresh alternatives.

Help Getting Started

At F.I.T., we want to help you meet your fitness and nutrition goals. We’re here almost every day of the week to talk with you in person on how to do just that. If you’re short on time, we’ve got ready-to-go solutions from ATC Power Meals, your top Tyler Texas meal prep provider. Get in touch to find out more.