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Best Workout Fuel

What should you eat before you go to the gym for energy that doesn’t quit, but won’t slow you down or stick to your waistline? What should you refuel with after? Fitness In Training is the best East Texas gym because we don’t just provide equipment, classes and training, we want you to have every available tool to reach your workout goals.

Pull up this infographic next time you’re at the grocery store to grab your favorite pre and post-workout snacks. If your cell won’t display images, a text description is available below.

Best Food Pre-Workout

Your body needs protein to build and repair muscles and tissue, so if you’re strength training, that’s priority. Carbs provide power for intense cardio, so the more high intensity work you do, the more your body requires if you don’t want to fizzle out early.

If you’re strength training, have a snack that’s 75 percent carbohydrates and 25 percent protein. For high intensity cardio, grab complex carbs. Eat half an hour to 60 minutes before a workout for best results. Here are a few of your best choices:

  • An egg white omelette with spinach, whole grain toast and soy milk
  • Hot oatmeal with dried fruit, nuts, skim milk and honey
  • Greek yogurt with fresh fruit and granola

Avoid white sugar and packaged products whenever possible to keep from putting in junk that has little nutritional value and will burn too fast.

Post-Workout Foods

After you work out, one of your main objectives is to replace the fluids and nutrients you lost during intense physical activity. Prioritize hydration even before food. Gatorade and Powerade replace electrolytes, but they also contain extra calories, so reach for plain water or coconut water instead.

If your workout included intense cardio, fruit will taste delicious. Whatever tyype of activity you participated in, consume a protein shake or high protein meal within two hours of your workout to help your muscles rebuild. Here are a few other choices:

  • Mix a pouch of tuna, half an avocado and fresh pico. Stuff it back in the avocado shell and enjoy.
  • Peel a banana and slather it with peanut or almond butter.
  • Slice a chicken breast over spinach salad.
  • Grab a package of almonds or a boiled egg.

Circuit training combines strength and cardio, so your nutrition needs follow the same guidelines. Drink plenty of water and refuel with a three to one ratio of carbs and protein for muscle repair and recovery.

At Fitness In Training, members say we’re the best East Texas gym because we’re committed to their success. Contact us today to find out more.