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15 Best Foods for More Energy

food for energy

Sugar and Red Bull. Just kidding. If you’re looking for sustained energy throughout the day, you need to give your body quality fuel. Here are 15 foods (and drinks) for more energy.


Water – You knew we were going to say that. It’s true though, every part of your body needs water to work efficiently. Go grab a glass and start sipping.

Coffee – We keep a pot brewed at the gym because caffeine boosts energy. It also has antioxidants to replenish cells and improve how your muscles work.

Tea – Green tea is also full of antioxidants and lower in caffeine. If you need something to sip with a little flavor, you can have all you want of this. If you’re not a coffee drinker, yerba mate is an herbal tea packed with smooth energy.


Bananas – They’re portable, tasty and packed with fiber that helps the body feel full longer.

Apples – They’re perfectly packaged in a single serving size, and they’ll be okay in your purse or backpack. Apples contain antioxidants flavonoids that help fight cell stress.

Berries – Strawberries are rich in vitamin C and folates. Dark berries like blueberries and blackberries reduce inflammation and fatigue.


Fish – Fatty fish like salmon and sardines provides lean protein and B vitamins for sustained energy. Omega-3 fatty acids also make your brain work better and reduce inflammation for a more energetic feel throughout the day.

Eggs – On the weekend, hard boil one egg for every day of the week and enjoy it as an afternoon snack.

Yogurt – Choose natural yogurt without sugar for simple carbs and healthy protein. It’s another choice you can buy pre-packaged, which makes it a good alternative to gas station or vending machine snacks.

Healthy Carbs

Your body uses carbohydrates for energy. Sugar burns hot and fast, but leads to a crash. Choose these options instead:

  • Dark chocolate – Rich dark chocolate has less sugar. Cocoa is packed with flavonoids. It also might improve blood flow and improve your feeling of alertness.
  • Oatmeal – Buy the old fashioned kind and enjoy a bowl of whole-grain oats first thing in the morning for vitamins, minerals and healthy carbs that nourish you all morning.
  • Brown rice – The husk on brown rice makes you digest it more slowly for steady, sustained energy absorption.

Other Energy-Rich Food

Nuts – They’re packed with the protein and fat your body needs for sustained energy. Plus, they don’t have to be refrigerated so they’re good on the go. Watch portion sizes, since they’re also high in calories.

Peanut Butter – It’s densely packed with nutrients for energy that lasts. Spread it on celery or apple slices for a satisfying snack.

Beans and legumes – Instead of a fried appetizer, order edamame if it’s available. Choose lentils or beans as your side instead of fries.

The key to feeling energized all day is choosing quality fuel. There are a lot of other foods that could have gone on this list. When you shop, make your choices from the grocery store perimeter, choosing foods that can go bad. Stay away from pre-packaged foods filled with sugar and preservatives. Fill your cart and your plate with fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein and low fat dairy. You’ll stay full longer and feel more energetic overall.