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March 30, 2019
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10 Reasons F.I.T. Yoga Will Make Your Life Better Now


In case you haven’t heard, Fitness in Training now offers yoga on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 6 a.m. We’ll get straight to the reasons you need to put it on your calendar for this week

  1. Reduce stress – In a National Health Interview Survey, 86 percent of adults reported reduced stress.
  2. Improve mental health – Research funded by the National Center for Complementary and Integrative health found yoga to be effective as part of treatment for generalized anxiety disorder, sleep disturbance and fatigue in cancer patients receiving chemo, depression in adolescents and chronic pain in veterans.
  3. Boost cardio health – Several studies find yoga to be good for your heart health. It lowers blood pressure, can improve lipid profiles and maintain blood sugar levels for people with non-insulin dependent diabetes.
  4. Increase flexibility – This is the benefit most people think about when it comes to yoga, and for good reason. You don’t have to be able to turn yourself into a pretzel to start, but over time you’ll see increased muscle strength, flexibility and endurance.
  5. Meet other people working on their personal fitness – a 2017 National Health Interview Survey found use of yoga by U.S. adults increased significantly from 2012 to 2017.
  6. Yoga improves a feeling of well-being. 94 percent of yoga-practicing adults say they do so for improved wellness and energy.
  7. Sleep better – 67 percent of survey respondants reported reduced insomnia and deeper sleep.
  8. Stay healthier – Respondents also said yoga made it easier to cope with health problems, motivated them to eat better and led to more regular exercise.
  9. Reduce your injury risk – Always talk to your doctor and listen to your body, but for most people yoga is considered safe when you practice under a qualified instructor.
  10. Improve your body image – A Harvard Health publication says yoga develops inner awareness that makes people more satisfied with and less critical of their bodies.

Conclusion – Get to F.I.T. for yoga this week! Contact us through our Facebook page if you need more info.

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